OOC rules

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Rules are unfortunate. Thankfully, many of my character's abilities are governed by the D20 system. However, since we do not play at a table with the D&D rulesets, some additional rulesets for the free-form method are worth mentioning:

Out Of Character Rules:

  • Roleplaying is a game. Treat it as such: have fun, but be fair.
  • Don't assume things about my character, and don't assume that just because I didn't explain to you every single piece of information about him before they fight or interact that I'm cheating. Some things you just gotta find out through interaction.
  • To play is to consent. This works both ways: no one is unkillable. There are people out there whom in their own little OOC world say "No killing my charrie!", but a character that's indestructable—for ANY reason—is being a moder: the term "Moder" comes from the Cheat code "God Mode" in the Doom computer game. Being an unkillable God-thing is, literally, a cheat! Further, having an OOC reason for being unkillable (such as you love your character too much to part with it) is considered cross-roleplaying. If my character ends up in a confrontation with yours and a fight happens, then expect your character to be able to die just like mine can.
  • If you do not like Ninja or assassins who dress similarily, do not bother me about it.
  • If you do not like Legend of the Five Rings, Dungeons & Dragons, or the D20 System as a whole, do not bother me about it.
  • Do not be immature.

In Character Rules:

  • IM RP or Chat Room RP are both accepted. A story's a story, and where it takes place matters not. IMS are usually OOC, unless stated otherwise or if someone in play is doing a mind link sort of deal, cell phone call, text. Things like that.
  • Although Eimin Gutaika is commonly used in modern fantasy, he can be played in any time frame mostly because Rhy'Din is a nexus—a cosmic interstate of pathways connecting the various timelines and parallel universes of the Multiverse, in which it's at the center.
  • Canon characters—that is, characters that aren't your character but you're stealin' 'em anyhow—are fine, but don't be upset is my character comments about having seen his seventeenth Goku this week.
  • Don't play Deities greater than Demigods or an Avatar of said God, or other unkillable things like them—such as Cain, 3rd Gen Vampires, Earthbound—as characters. Deities above Demigods cannot exist on the physical plane (they ascended above it), and that is why Deities above Demigods must send down Avatars as physical representations of their existence—or, at least, what they could fit in the physical realm. Anything above Demigods or Avatars are considered an unkillable God thing: the term "Moder" comes from the Cheat code "God Mode" in the Doom computer game. Being an unkillable God-thing is, literally, a cheat! Any character that claims to be a God will be considered an Avatar of a God, a Quasideity, or a Demigod. At best.
  • Speaking of, Eimin Gutaika is absolutely killable, and you can kill him.
  • Don't do an action of escape and suddenly as soon as the character is gone, exit the room or act like your character succeeded. Find out if your action was stopped somehow first. And believe me, it can.