Arms and Equipment

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Armored Gi: A variation of the simple black gi of the Ninja, Eimin Gutaika's armor combines protective composite plates with two-inch sections of metal woven into the cloth covering the torso, arms, upper legs, and helmet to form a layer of protection. This affords the ninja limited protection without compromising mobility or stealth.

Assassin Whip: Although this seems to be nothing more than a tangled, long-leafed vine, one end has been knotted into a sturdy handle like that of a whip. Twice per day, he can activate this whip after successfully hitting a Medium or smaller target that is standing on the ground. Doing this causes tendrils of vegetation to spring forth from the ground, entangling the target and dealing damage per round. This effect lasts for 3 rounds or until the affected creature escapes from the tendrils.

Assassin's Dagger: A dagger is a fighting knife. Its blade is usually less than 1 foot long, and can be curved or straight, with one edge or two. Dagger designs vary widely, and can have many different names (such as a thrusting dagger being called a “dirk”). In this case, Eimin Gutaika employs numerous Dirks, small black wicked-looking sleek Assassin's Daggers with a curved blade meant to be utilized as throwing weapons rather than as melee weapons, used for easy concealment. Their tips are hooked, making removal from the target a hard task once they have struck, with the following special abilities to further the assassin’s objective: These +2 daggers provide a +1 bonus to the DC of a Fortitude save forced by the death attack of an assassin. It also allows Eimin Gutaika the chance to finish the job if his initial strikes prove less than successful. If the wielder of this blade studies his target for 3 rounds (which can be the same 3 rounds of study for a death attack) either unseen or without being recognized as an enemy, he can sneak attack with all attacks he makes with this dagger against that target for the next 3 rounds.

He has over forty of them, and he can run out in battle because they are finite in number. Due to his attachment to them, he carefully picks them up after each battle. He is very accurate, can throw multiple Dirks like bullets without any visible movement, and always aims for vital points. They are not extremely potent weapons, as while they would be fatal if they were to hit, abilities like Protection from Arrows make them easy to manage and no different from thrown stones. His precision with the weapons allows him to throw accurately while constantly moving. He launches them during the small openings between the swings of the opponent's weapon, and they are thrown so that the opponent will not be able to see them if circumstances allow. He utilizes his agility to jump from various positions including walls and ceilings, all while hurling numerous Dirks from each location. This creates an unavoidable rain of daggers from all directions that cannot be blocked or avoided.

Assassin's Goblet: This metal goblet, white in colour and bejewelled with ten small red gemstones, stands about 8 inches high. The inside of the goblet is bright red in colour. Assassins use goblets like this to kill their targets with a poison that is coated on the inner surface. The poison lies dormant until wine is added, at which point it is immediately activated and becomes deadly – other liquids will not trigger this effect. Once used the poison must be re-administered to the goblet, at a cost of 180 gp. The gemstones are rubies while the poison itself is quite deadly.

Assassin's Leathers: This black suit of leather armor is decorated with dozens of small metal spikes, each one painted black. A series of small pouches have been sewn into the chest and sleeves of the armor, each one just large enough to hold a throwing knife or star. The straps the secure the armor to the wearer are a dark red in color.

Blaster Carbine w/ Mounted Grenade Launcher: This small blaster rifle has a short barrel and compact two-handed grip, making it look more like a long pistol than a rifle, with a retractable stock. Because of its compact design, a blaster carbine can always be used to make an attack of opportunity even if its stock is not folded. A blaster carbine requires a power pack to operate. After 50 shots, the power pack must be replaced. Grenade launchers are military weapons that greatly improve the range of grenades. Grenades fired by grenade launchers always explode on impact, regardless of timers or other considerations. The type of grenade used determines the damage, type, and burst radius. Grenade launchers cannot be used to hurl thermal detonators because these devices are simply too big and heavy (although some larger grenade mortars can hurl thermal detonators as well). A grenade launcher holds four grenades and has to be reloaded as a fullround action. Emin Gutaika's grenade launcher is mounted on his Blaster Carbine rifle.

Blaster Gauntlet: Small, palm-sized blasters see widespread use in weapon-restricted areas. Hold-out blasters are commonly found in the possession of undercover agents, gamblers, scoundrels, or nobles seeking to protect themselves. It is carried as a backup weapon for Eimin Gutaika. Because of its compact design, a hold-out blaster pistol grants an equipment bonus on Stealth checks made to conceal the weapon. A hold-out blaster requires an energy cell to operate. After 6 shots, the energy cell must be replaced.

Cloak: A cloak is a type of loose garment that is worn over indoor clothing and serves the same purpose as an overcoat; it protects the wearer from the cold, rain, or wind.

Dirks: daggers

Kote: An adaption of samurai armor, the kote is essentially a bracer strapped onto the forearm. The kote has many pockets that can contain small items such as shuriken, blowgun projectiles, or even a small throwing blade.

Flamethrower: The flamethrower is a ranged weapon that shoots a cone of burning chemicals 6 squares long and 6 squares wide at the terminus. Reloading the flamethrower is a fullround action. The weapon can be used five times before its chemical supply is depleted.

Grenades, Stun: When the object of a mission is to detain or subdue rather than kill, Eimin Gutaika uses stun grenades. The standard stun grenade unleashes concussive energy that knocks out creatures within its 2-square burst radius. It is designed to explode on contact after it is thrown, dealing damage in the same round it is hurled. Robots, vehicles, and objects are immune to stun damage.

Missile Launcher: A missile launcher fires a high-speed projectile with an explosive warhead. The standard missile unleashes metal shrapnel with explosive force, shredding targets within a 2-square radius. A missile launcher is an area effect weapon. Replacement missiles are bought in pre-loaded magazines that hold four missiles and weigh 5 kg.

Ninja Saya: Far from just a sheath for the ninja-to, the saya of a ninja can serve a wide variety of purposes. Eimin Gutaika's saya is substantially longer than the blade it carries and open at both ends, with a detatchable end that contains blinding powder to be thrown in an enemy's eyes. It also has a breathing hole on the end allowing it to serve as a blowgun or breathing tubes, and a second, smaller blade in the false end that can be thrown with a flick of the wrist. The stiff, strong scabbard can also be used as a hanbo or the rung of a ladder. Strong silk may be wrapped around the scabbard, to be unwound for climbing.

Ninja-to: This is the ninja's standard sword. The most common weapon of the ninja, the ninja-to is a simple short sword, approximately the same length as a wakizashi or a short sword, that is straight rather than curved, making it easier to conceal on the body. Ninja-to are typically crafted of a lower quality than that of a katana from scrap or cast-off steel, and are not forged as meticulously as a samurai's swords. This makes them faster and easier to produce, but less sturdy than the blades of a daisho. Still, they can cut down a man just as easily and can, if the wielder is skilled, penetrate armor. However, in keeping with the ninja's methods, the sword and scabbard have multiple uses, including secret compartments in the hilt of sword or tip and the scabbard for carrying powders, poisons, or daggers.

Runestaff of the Assassin: This simple, slim staff is only 4 feet long. It is fastened to a leather strap to make it easy to sling over your shoulder. It bears a small rune of a dagger on one end. A runestaff of the assassin allows Eimin Gutaika to cast any of the following spells (each two times per day) by expending a prepared arcane spell or arcane spell slot of the same level or higher:
• greater invisibility
• obscuring mist
• pass without trace
• poison

Shuriken: A shuriken is a small piece of metal with sharpened edges, designed for throwing. A shuriken can’t be used as a melee weapon. Although they are thrown weapons, shuriken are treated as ammunition for the purposes of drawing them, crafting masterwork or otherwise special versions of them, and what happens to them after they are thrown.

Utility Belt w/ Medpac: A utility belt has several pouches containing a three-day supply of food capsules, a medpac, a tool kit, a spare power pack, a spare energy cell, a glow rod, a comlink, a liquid cable dispenser with a small grappling hook, and a couple of empty pouches for whatever else the wearer wants to add (up to 0.5 kg per pouch).